Top 10 MRT Breakdowns

Here are the worst MRT breakdowns that happened in the city of Singapore.

No Pants Subway Ride NY 2010

When will they organise this is Asia? That would be damned interesting!

Bollywood Entertainment in MRT

Indian Guy singing Indian Songs, Bollywood style, in MRT train.
Probably the same guy in the two videos above taken at different times by different people.

Not sure which station he started singing but he really has very good stamina to sing non-stop throughout the train journey. He must have been thinking of home too much. Loneliness can drive a man crazy.

Toe Nail Digging by Sexy Auntie

This is the third time I have to upload this video as it is being taken down by Youtube, twice. Seemed like Youtube is stricter than the Singapore govt, perhaps in order to please draconian or corrupted countries like China and Malaysia, who would never be satisfied anyway, as there are thousands of videos of their misdeeds ready to be shown to the world.

Thanks to of Singapore (ironically), we found a version of the video and are glad to advertise their site here. Do visit their sites for more interesting videos. Enjoy this video while it is still available.

Many think she is from China. But frankly, she could have been from anywhere. Her toe is definitely more important than anything else in this universe. Her home is anywhere and everywhere.

World Longest documented head-scratching in MRT

According to the contributor of this video, this man scratched his head non-stop for 10 MRT stations (from Boon Lay to Bugis). This could very well be a world record of some sort, in a train. Clearly, he can't film the whole sequence, only when is not caught and got beaten by the scratcher. Ho Ho!

More Abuse of Priority Seats

And now we have scumbags who will not seat on the priority seats, but will place their food, bags and legs on the priority seats instead. Apparently there are no racial or gender boundary when come to committing crimes.

Priority Seat taken by brainless young man

The sign stated clearly the seat is meant for the old, the pregnant or those carrying babies. But this "man" couldn't be bothered. While pretending to sleep, obviously he is not, since he had an earphone plugged into his ears, he ignored or needy passengers all the way from Orchard to Chua Chu Kang. What a scum.

Hot Sex in MRT coach

Hot Auntie Busy SMS-ing

These photos were contributed by unknown person, also found in Prince Charles IV Collection website. Enjoy it why it is still available.

Pretty Girl Being Followed

This girl better get a boyfriend to protect her from so many perverts with video cams.